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Since 1987

Our Mission

To provide visually compelling graphics that easily communicate complex information to judges, jurors and other factfinders to help them understand, remember and adopt the most critical aspects of our clients’ cases.

Results for Our Clients

Even with the facts on your side, jurors must be able to grasp the issues, however complex, and remember the salient points of your case. LPG’s visual presentations give jurors an easy method to reach the result your legal team desires.

While sooner is always better, LPG can assist your legal team at any stage of the litigation process and has even helped obtain excellent results during the negotiation, arbitration and settlement phases.

LPG offers reliable enthusiasm and flexibility for those last-minute trial deadlines or unexpected but necessary revisions. LPG has years of experience assisting attorneys, both inside the courtroom and out during high-pressured litigation.

Creativity to Your Team

At LPG, Owner and Trial Consultant, Diane Meyer and her associates combine their creative expression with your legal & factual information to make your case clear and compelling for the factfinder.

LPG uses state-of-the-art visual tools to present complex concepts and data in simple yet meaningful graphics that a jury will easily interpret and remember during deliberation.

Diane uses ingenuity, insight and imagination, in conjunction with innovative graphic techniques, to elucidate the strongest elements of your case and create powerful and convincing imagery.

Trusted Experience

With over 20 years of legal presentation graphics work, Diane Meyer understands how to incorporate information and visually illuminate your legal arguments.

Diane’s not just a “creative type.” She offers a unique blend of artistic design sense and grounded, conceptual comprehension of legal standards of proof.

Over the years, attorneys have appreciated Diane’s ability to quickly identify the persuasive points they want to emphasize, as well as the educational aspects of a complex case that require informational illustrations

Engage Legal Presentation Graphics today as a trusted member of your legal team. Call Diane Meyer at 206-780-9700 to arrange an in-person or telephone conference.